Hotel Adam Trutnov cooperates with restaurant Hospůdka U Rozmarýnku!

We constantly improve our services, so we started cooperation with Hospůdka U Rozmarýnku to expand our offer half board.

Halfboard price

from 150 CZK/person/day

For groups of 20 and more persons

from 140 CZK/person/day

Hospůdka U Rozmarýnku is famous for its warm atmosphere, friendly staff and a smoke-free environment. In menu you can find traditional Czech cuisine and evergreens of world cuisine. Great and inexpensive lunch menu is prepared from Monday to Saturday. There is also children's playground, garden and Wi-Fi.

We are happy to offer you high quality services with reasonable prices. That is the reason why we have chosen U rozmarynku restaurant, which prepares meals from fresh and seasonal foods without using unnecessary aditives. We hope, you will by satisfied with our choice and you will enjoy your stay in Hotel Adam.

Hotel Adam Trutnov

The best restaurant in Trutnov!

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